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​​KPA takes steps to make ports safer for everyone

PORT SECURITY in Kenya has been tig​htened up considerably following the events of 11 September 2001 and the sharp rise in terrorist incidents worldwide and is now ISPS Code Compliant.(click here to view ISPS Code and KPA implementation of the ISPS code )

Kenya Ports Authority has responded positively to pressure from the international community by taking steps to increase the level of security checks and supervision in all sectors.

Until recently KPA was concerned mainly with cargo security. But now,in common with other port authorities around the world,KPA is focusing its attention on the security of everyone visiting its ports and using their facilities. The Authority is determined to ensure that its ports comply with the security rules of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

In the Port of Mombasa,particularly,the Authority has introduced a number of measures to make the port a safer place for business. They include:

• New electronic surveillance equipment including CCTV as advised by international consultants

• Coastguard surveillance of waters in port area

• New search and rescue centre,set up jointly with the IMO,to supplement sea surveillance

• More plain-clothes and uniformed security officers on patrol in port areas

• Strict controls on port entry with all port users and visitors required to display passes at all times

• Restricted entry to container terminal and other key sections

• Continuously manned watch towers in car handling area and container terminal
• New rapid response team to deal with urgent security matters in or near the port area

• New centralised verification areas at the container terminal,the car handling area and the container freight station

• Barriers and speed bumps at port gates to deter forced entry and ensure proper security checks

• Ramp tally requires every imported car to be inspected and docketed at the ship’s ramp before it is handed over to KPA to determine responsibility in the event of damage or vandalism

• New cargo scanning system to allow containers to be checked without stripping – thus helping to reduce pilferage.

The government is looking to set up a new Authority to regulate the activities of Kenya’s maritime sector. One of its main concerns will be the security of Kenya’s coastal waters.

KPA has reduced cargo pilferage by over 80 per cent,thus helping to reduce the costs incurred through claims.