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Notification of Arrival

The Owner, Agent , Master or Person In charge of every vessel of 300 GRT or more which intends to enter the Port of Mombasa shall notify the Harbour Master at least 24-hours before the arrival of such vessel by any of the following means.

a)Telex  :+254 020-3575897   'DIR   KPA   KE'

b)Mobile :+254725374156 or +254725252068

c)Telefax :+254-41-2220424


e)VHF    :Ch.12 or 16

f)Telephone : +254- 41-2312895/2113541/2113421  

The Owner, Agent, Master or Person In charge of such a vessel coming from a nearby Port with less than 24 hours steaming time to Mombasa, shall immediately on departure from such port notify the Harbour Master by any one of the means of communication above.



Format – Notification of Arrival.

The Owner, Agent, Master, or Person in charge of the vessel shall provide the information in the following format:

i. Name of the Vessel

ii. Call Sign

iii. Nationality (Flag)

iv. Type of Vessel

v. Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT)

vi. Name of Local Shipping Agency (Agent)

vii. Date & Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

viii. Last Port of Call

ix. Next Port of Call

x. Draft of Vessel

xi. Air draft

The distance between the waterline and the highest point on the vessel or Height of the vessel which shall be vertical height measured from Water Line of the vessel to the highest point of the vessel including its Cargo, Structure or Equipment on board.

xii. Number of Crew on board

xiii. Number of Passengers on Board

xiv. Quantity of Dangerous Cargo on board, Class and UN Number.

xv. Security level at which the vessel is operating.

xvi. Remarks: (if any) 

The following remarks when applicable shall always be reported

a) Condition affecting the Navigation of the vessel such as defective Propulsion Machinery, Steering Equipment, Thruster, Excessive List and awkward Tows.

b) Fire or Hazards on board including carriage of dangerous goods.

c) Damaged Vessels

d) Vessels damaged by Bombs and other ordnances.

1.4 Confirmation of Arrivals

The Master of every vessel of 300 GRT or more or every Tug engaged in Towing or Pushing if the combined GRT of the Tug and Tow or Vessel(s) being pushed is 300 GRT or more, any Passenger vessel intending to enter the Port of Mombasa shall report by VHF to the Ras Serani Control Station or Mombasa VTS Centre on Channel 12 or 16.

1.5 VHF Report for Departing Vessels

1.5.1 Prior to Departure

The Master of every Vessel as specified in Paragraph 1.4 intending to leave Mombasa shall inform the designated Control Centre prior to departure and shall give as specified below:

a) Name of Vessel

b) Call Sign

c) Present Location

d) Destination

e) Air Draft

f) Draft

g) Loaded Bunkers

h) Took Fresh Water

I ) Port Clearance

j) Remarks if any

In addition Masters or Agents shall prior departure give one hour's Notice to Ras Serani Signal Station on VHF Channel 12 or 16

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