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 Conventional Cargo Operations


​The Conventional Cargo Operations Department ​is housed in the recently established One Stop Centre. It is one of the departments under the Operations Division of the Kenya Ports Authority. It is composed of three operational sections namely; Planning and Statistics, Operations and Customer Care.  

Conventional Cargo
Telephone: +254-41-2113882

Number of Berths and Specialization


Berth Number


Draft (in Metres)


Cargo Type

1/210.5Motor Cars, Containers (Ex-RORO), General Cargo and Passengers
310.5GBHL (Bulk Grains)
4/510.5General Cargo & Containers
710General Cargo & Dry Bulk
811.5General Cargo
911.5General Cargo, Vegetable Oil, Coal & Bulk Clinker
1010General Cargo & Clinker, Coal and Vegetable Oil
1110General Cargo, Coal, Motor Cars & Containers
1210General Cargo (Coasters)
MBK10.5Bulk Clinker and Coal
BASE TITANIUM  -Bulk Titanium
SOT,  KOT​​ and AGOL13.25Oil, Gas and Chemicals


Operations and Equipment at Conventional Cargo Operations

Operations at Conventional CargoFacilities/EquipmentTypes of cargo


Ship and Shore/Yard Operations


Harbour Mobile Cranes (HMCs), Mobile Cranes (MCs), Forklifts, Terminal Tractors), Reachstackers, Empty Container Handlers (ECHs), Gooseneck, Shunters, RTGs, Low Bed Trailers

Cargo Handling Gears (Spreaders, Cargo Nets-Brother Hooks & Sister Hooks, Snotter Wire, Rail Chain, Cargo Trays, Simba Hooks, Container Chains, Car Lifting Gear, Sisal Rope Sling )

  • Containers
  • Motor Cars
  • Bulk Cargo(Coal, Clinker, Fertilizer)
  • Bagged cargo(Fertilizer, Grain)
  • Break-Bulk Cargo - Steel (Billets, Reinforcement Bars, Coils,

         Beams, Tin Plates)

  • Project Cargoes (Ferries, Rail, Transformers, Generator sets, Various kind of equipment)
  • General Cargoes (Assorted)


Base Titanium(Private)Bulk Titanium
Manifold and PipingBulk liquid
GBHL (Private)Bulk Grains

Specialized Terminals

The Port has dedicated Berth 3, Berth 9, Mbaraki Wharf, Base Titanium, Shimanzi Oil Terminal, Kipevu Oil Terminal and AGOL as specialized terminals for the express handling of Bulk Grains, Bulk Soda Ash, Bulk Clinker & Coal, Titanium, Bulk Liquid & Gas Cargo respectively.

​Multipurpose Terminals

Various berths within the Port can handle various types of cargo. e.g. Berth 1 /2 serve Cruise, Steel, Container and RORO ships while berths 5, 11 and 12 serve Conventional and Container ships with own gear. 

Grain Bulk Handling 

Bulk Grain Handling at the Port of Mombasa is done either through;
     • ​Grain Bulk Handlers Limited (GBHL) via conveyor belt from the Port to silos located outside the Port or
     • Conventional bagging via grabs onto bagging plants alongside ship and onto trucks.

Our Contacts

Tel: +254-41-2113580/3526​​