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Kenya Ports Authority has over the years invested massive resources to build capacities of the port facilities to meet market demands and remain competitive in the ever-dynamic shipping and maritime industry.

The Port of Shimoni

Premier Fishing Port

Kenya’s desire to tap into the blue economy and explore the massive opportunities that have hitherto remained untapped in the industry, has seen Shimoni port designated as the premier fishing port in the country. The port is situated off Wasini Island in South Coast of Kenya, presently at a distance of about 4 km along the access channel to the open sea, with the area secure for navigation and fishing activities. Currently KPA is working in collaboration with the County Government of Kwale to develop a modern jetty measuring 75x 30 meters and a causeway of 135x7meters adjacent to the existing jetty.

The industrial fishing port infrastructure will include a multi-purpose berth that will incorporate fish and conventional cargo handling, cold storage facilities, reefer stations and value addition including fish processing plants. The existing jetty will also be rehabilitated to continue serving the local fishermen and support tourism. Shimoni, with current volumes of approximately 10,000 metric tons, by far is the largest port of all coastal small ports in the field of coastal trade where destination is mostly to Pemba Island and Zanzibar. The volumes are anticipated to increase tenfold once the new infrastructure is complete. The current jetty acts as the only facility of community transportation, including: tourism, fishing and trade. Shimoni has a wide well-sheltered deep channel for large seagoing vessels and is located along a well sheltered creek with a few patches of mangrove vegetation.