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Kenya Ports Authority has over the years invested massive resources to build capacities of the port facilities to meet market demands and remain competitive in the ever-dynamic shipping and maritime industry.

The Port of Kisumu

The Lake Port

The Port of Kisumu is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world which is shared by three countries namely Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Established in 1901, the port has been a critical link in an integrated East African rail/water transportation system with particular focus on freight transport. It is one of the biggest ports that offer organized shipping services on the lake, facilitating trade between the three countries and growing the economy of western Kenya region.

The transit port focusses on transit cargo from Mombasa to the EAC region; the export of regional products and import of local products from Uganda and Tanzania, passenger ferrying and a logistics hub. The Port of Kisumu occupies 17.5 hectares of land with an annual cargo handling capacity of 25,000 TEUs. The port has recently undergone massive rehabilitation works including dredging of the channel to accommodate larger vessels, upgrade of physical infrastructure and the improvement of safety and reliability of the lake transport system. Currently, the port has a berth length of 300 meters and is envisaged to get an additional 400 meters of docking area upon completion of dredging.