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Inland Container Depots (ICDs)

To bring port services closer to our customers and increase cargo offtake from the port to the hinterlands, we have constructed inland container depots at Nairobi, Naivasha and Eldoret. These depots are linked to the Port of Mombasa by a rail-tainer service. Imports are delivered directly from Mombasa to the depots on a Through Bill of Lading, while exports can also be consolidated at the ICDs and railed to the Port for shipping.

ICD Nairobi

The ICD in Nairobi is directly linked to the Port of Mombasa by both Standard Gauge Rail (SGR) and the old Meter Gauge Rail (MGR) through a service referred to as ‘railtainer,’ provided by Kenya Railways. The service transports cargo on ‘Through Bill of Lading’(TBL) or Merchant haulage status thus making it easy for the hinterland customers to receive their cargo faster and in a convenient way. The recently modernized facility sits on 43.5 hectares of land and has a container stacking yard with a capacity to handle throughput of over 450,000 TEUs per annum. The ICD has 4 warehouses and 3 sheds. ICDN is equipped with modern high end soft and hard infrastructure including ICT systems and equipment, for handling both containerized and loose cargo.

ICD Naivasha

KPA has operationalized the Naivasha ICD for use by transit markets of northern corridor namely Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Tanzania and South Sudan as well as customers near the rich rift valley agricultural hinterlands. The facility cuts almost in half the distance covered by the hinterland customers transporting their cargo into the East African neighboring regions. The Naivasha ICD has a yard capacity of 3588 ground slots, and served by the SGR that links the port of Mombasa to the hinterland town.