The Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Mr. James Macharia, EGH,

KPA Board Chairman, Major (RTD) Marsden Madoka, EGH

KPA Managing Director, Catherine Mturi-Wairi

KPA Board of Directors present

Distinguished stakeholders

All Invited Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 Good afternoon,

 I am pleased to share this occasion with you for the first time as the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Transport. Although we are all key players in the Industry and therefore familiar to matters transport, the need to gather regularly, compare notes and engage in business discussions cannot be gainsaid.  Allow me therefore to appreciate your support that has enabled KPA to achieve high level of business growth. 

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Port of Mombasa plays a catalytic role in the economic development of our country and the entire region. It is also one of the launch pads in our national aspiration to become more industrialized. The government acknowledges this pivotal role, and has continued to support the KPA Board and Management in their endeavour to improve performance.

 Distinguished guests,

An efficient port and general transport network enhance cost effective production of goods and services that will have a competitive edge in the global market.  Ports and airports are the most important links to international markets and as such are facilitators of international trade.

 In this regard, the government has, through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development put in place a National Integrated Transport Policy. Its mission is to "develop, operate and maintain an efficient, cost effective, safe, secure and integrated transport system that links the transport policy with other sectoral policies. This is in order to achieve national and international development objectives in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner".

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As it is now, the transport sector, unlike in the past, is able to address investment, service quality, safety and security needs of the integrated transport system which is instrumental towards positioning Kenya as the transport hub for the Eastern and Central African region, amongst other goals.

As experts in the industry you know that   Shipping lines globally are now either merging or buying bigger vessels to benefit from economies of scale. Consequently, ports are under pressure to improve facilities to be efficient and cost effective as well as to provide facilities to handle bigger vessels. Ports that are not responsive to global demands are slowly being relegated to feeder facilities. This country's dream is to make Mombasa a hub port in the Indian Ocean region.

We are therefore keen as a Ministry to see the speedy completion of capacity expansion programmes that are going on at the port of Mombasa. These developments coupled with KPA's improvements in operational efficiency will enhance the Country's overall trade competitiveness.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

We appreciate that you have remained an important partner in our endeavors to grow business through effective service delivery.

A case in point is the tremendous success we achieved through inter-Agency cooperation in the handling, discharge and transportation of maize from the Port to different parts of the Country in the last three months. The concerted efforts comprising public and private sector were a testimony of how people can quickly achieve intended targets when they work as a team. We therefore underscore teamwork and constructive engagements to propel the industry to greater heights.

With these few remarks I now welcome the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Mr. James Macharia, EGH, to make his remarks.