What is Stevedoring

Stevedoring technically means "from the first point in the ship’s or ship’s hold to the first point on the quay or vise versa"

It is therefore the process of loading or discharging/ offloading of a ship or cargo to/from a ship.

Stevedoring is a term which is derived from the word stevedore.

Stevedore refers to the act of loading or offloading cargo to and/or from a ship. A person or company engaged in such act is known as a stevedore.

Stevedoring charges therefore are the charges incurred for discharging/unloading of goods from a ship hold to a quay/ berth/wharf/pier or loading of goods to a ship hold from a quay/ berth/wharf/pier including shifting of cargo onboard a ship without landing on quay, restow (landing the shifted cargo on a quay and re-shipping it back to the ship), opening and closing of Hatch covers or Pontoons, upon request.

For further information, please refer to Section II of the KPA Tariff.