The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Mr. James Macharia, EGH

The Principal Secretary State Department of Transport, Ms. Esther Koimett 

KPA Managing Director, Dr. Arch Daniel Manduku

KPA Board and management who are here

Distinguished Stakeholders                   

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Afternoon

I am delighted to see you all at this forum, which provides us with an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas that matter to our mutual business.

 Bwana CS, as the Managing Director has already mentioned,   I   equally   echo   his   sentiments   and appreciation for gracing this occasion and for your continued support.

 Your Ministry has championed for effective and impactful adaptation of an intermodal transport mindset amongst stakeholders. The introduction of the SGR is a clear statement of how Kenya and her  regional trade partners can move cargo through diverse modes of transport. 

 As the Authority mandated with port operations, we appreciate that no matter what a people would like to achieve, presence of an effective transportation system is a prerequisite.   An effective transport system yields   faster  handling of cargo movement,  security, logistics and just in time (JIT) delivery of raw materials and finished products to the market.  Ports represent the gateways for these  commodities and thus a vital part of the supply chain with some, like us, the Port of Mombasa having a far – reaching hinterland serving Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC and South Sudan.

 Equally, there must be a deliberate policy on how to expand, improve and maintain the (cargo logistics related)  infrastructure  in  conformity with regional socio-political and economic dynamics. This is where KPA comes in.

 It has also been scientifically proven that no success in the management of a full transport system, can be achieved by any one party in isolation. This therefore means that ultimately the supply chain system will only    be    as   strong   as   its  weakest link.  Success therefore calls for maximum input from every player in the entire logistics chain. This thinking explains why KPA believes in working and collaborating with all of you who are pillars of our collective success.

In this regard, ladies and gentlemen, allow me on behalf of the Board, to thank our Chief Guest in a special    way    for    his    continuous    support  in our endeavor to make Mombasa Port a regional maritime hub facility of choice.  Indeed, the KPA Board and Management appreciates your hands-on approach and open door policy which has made the transport sector come this far.

Distinguished Guests

The Ag. Managing Director has shared performance data and a summary of the measures we have put in place to enhance efficiency.   I  would  like to add that KPA is also working closely with our parent Ministry to develop small ports along the coastline and inland waterways to boost maritime related economic activities.

At the moment our focus is on Shimoni and Kisumu Ports in South Coast and Western Kenya, respectively. Surveys on both facilities have been carried out and consultants have compiled reports to advise on the way forward.

Finally, I want to assure you all that as a Board, we shall    continue    to     remain    committed   to   our responsibility as the custodian of the KPA vision that focuses on developing world-class ports of choice where efficiency, customer satisfaction and productivity are the key drivers.  With these few remarks, I now wish to invite The Principal Secretary     State    Department   of    Transport,   Mrs. Esther Koimett   to    make     her remarks and invite the Cabinet Secretary to deliver his address.


Thank you and May God bless you.