The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Mr. James Macharia, EGH

The Principal Secretary State Department of Transport, Ms. Esther Koimett 

KPA Managing Director, Dr. Arch Daniel Manduku

KPA Board and Management who are here

Distinguished Stakeholders                   

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Afternoon

I am delighted to share this forum whichallows us to share ideas that add value to our mutual business concerns.

On behalf of the Board of Directors let me take this earliest opportunity to thank you Bwana CSfor your continued support, your busy schedules notwithstanding.

As an Authority mandated to facilitate trade, we are aware of our responsibility to contribute towards the growth of our economy and realization of the big 4 Agenda and Vision 2030. Sound and sustainable investments especially manufacturing, must be directly supported by efficient Ports and other transports systems.

Allow me Waziri, to reiterate that your Ministry has been at the forefront in promoting a mindset of effective intermodal transport. The on-going capacity expansion at the Port of Mombasa, development of the second Port of Lamu and the rehabilitation of the Kisumu Port, are some of the building blocks of our continued aspirations towards becoming a regional maritime hub.

In Kisumu,the Authority is revamping the port together with the feeder jetties and piers. Once these rehabilitations are completed, we shall be able to operate  wagon ferries as well as general cargo berths. It is hoped that the initiative will revive lake transport business activities in Kisumu and her environs. The revival of Mvuhuruis almost complete and the link span is ready to receive wagon ferries.

Ladies and gentlemen,

At the moment, a complement of cargo handling and maintenance equipment has been deployed to back up operations at the lake Port. The Kenya Railways Corporation engineers arealso working on a new rail link from Kenya pipeline to Kenya cereals board, which is already linked to the Kisumu port. This is key for ferrying fuel from the Kenya Pipeline to the linkspan for loading. Other important development is the revival of drydock, a facility for ships maintenance which is nearing completion.

Additionally, the introduction of the SGRwhich is a game–changer in the maritime industry is another cleartestament of how Kenya and her regional trade partners can move cargo through diverse modes of transport from port of origin to a trading destination. 

As a Board, we remain alive to the fact that there would be no large scale and gainful business without an effective transportation system. Faster cargo handling, logistical security and timely delivery of raw materials and finished goods is all dependent on efficient transport. This is the reason we have put a lot of emphasis on working closely with key stakeholders like KENHA and Kenya Railways to achieve synergy and well planned, seamless transport network.

Currently,the Port of Mombasa provides connectivity to over 80 seaports and serves over 33 shipping lines, underscoring its significance to international trade. We are looking at serving Ethiopia and South Sudan at a larger scale onceLamu Portbecomes operational.

To bolster government's efforts in developing the Blue Economy, we are constructing Shimoni Port in Kwale County asa premier fishing port in the country. This project will be operated under Public Private Partnership,hence your participation to make it a success is highly welcome.

Distinguished Guests,

The Managing Director has shared performance data and a summary of the measures we have put in place to enhance efficiency which serves as a guarantee for continuous improvement in our service delivery. It is also important to note that the success of KPA requires the input of every player in the logistic chain.

As a Board we assure you of our commitment as the custodian of the KPA vision that focuses on developing world-class ports of choice where efficiency, customer satisfaction, stakeholder engagements and productivity are the key drivers.

With these few remarks, I now take this opportunity to invite the Principal Secretary State department of Transport, Mrs. Esther Koimettto make her remarks and invite the Cabinet Secretary to deliver his address.

Thank you all and May God bless you.