Distinguished Stakeholders,

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning,

Let me take this earliest opportunity to first thank you all for turning up and welcome you to this important capacity building and stakeholders' sensitization workshop. 

Your presence is highly appreciated because each and every stakeholder present has a distinct role essential for our common objective – expeditious clearance of cargo at the port.

We at KPA and our key partners thought of organizing this workshop specifically to interact with customers and stakeholders in the maritime industry, aware of the growing cargo handling capacity at the Port of Mombasa which has led to business expansion.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the Authority's first workshop for its customers and stakeholders, geared towards enhancement of speedy clearance of cargo. The Authority is committed to undertake sensitization sessions for customers and stakeholders on port clearance procedures in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

The reason we have embarked on this exercise is because of the Authority's commitment to improving service delivery. The aim is to seek and positively ensure efficient service delivery with a view to increasing customer satisfaction.

We are in a very competitive and dynamic industry. Accordingly, Shippers and their agents require adequate preparations to avoid storage and other penalties that can be caused by lack of preparedness, which result in long stay cargo.

These education sessions will therefore focus on encouraging expeditious clearance of cargo at the port, while specifically addressing service delivery gaps within its systems that have been identified during business transactions with the customers.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Looking at today's program, I am very convinced that at the end of this exercise you will be armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to propel us to our destination. The topics to be deliberated upon namely; Ease of doing business, customer service charter and Ethics and Integrity were carefully chosen and I urge you to take keen interest in the deliberations.

Ease of doing business

Ladies and gentlemen,

When we talk of Ease of doing business, we are alert to the fact that Documentation procedures form the basis of transactions within the Port hence its importance cannot be understated.     

The Port as an interface between sea and transport is basically a transit point and must be treated as such. Shippers should therefore be informed of the need to ensure that once their goods are received in the port, they need to be cleared as fast as possible. This will enable the port to operate more efficiently, with reduced dwell time of containers and absence of congestion mainly caused by uncleared containers.

The participants will therefore be educated on the documentation processes, to enlighten them on what needs to be done to ensure smooth flow of cargo clearance from the port. 

Information and Communication Technology and the business environment

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed systems and procedures having a major impact in organizations. The role of ICT in today's business environment cannot be overrated if the region has to cope and move with the required speed towards efficient and effective service delivery.

In recognition of the rapid change in technology, it is critical that we constantly remind each other of the developments on this front. There will be an update on what is ongoing on the SCT platform.

Customer Service Charter

Distinguished, participants,

Provision of efficient services to customers is today an integral part of a business planning and development process since customers are the kingpin for achieving and sustaining improved performance for any company whether in public or private sector.

In this regard, the Authority introduced a customer service charter in order to establish customer oriented processes and culture in the organization that would help improve port productivity and competitiveness with regard to quality of services and assist the Authority to achieve its goals.

The charter was intended to build a customer service culture that strengthens partnership between the Authority staff, its customers and key stakeholders for the mutual benefit of all.

During the workshop, we will draw the attention of customers and stakeholders to the knowledge on the contents of the charter, to add value to how they conduct business with the Authority.

Ethics and Integrity

Finally, the topic on Ethics and Integrity must be given space because efficient and effective business within the region will not be achieved without good governance. It is imperative that good corporate governance becomes an objective of every business setup to ensure sustainability of individual firms and the region in total. 

The Authority is aware that corruption practices have been a hindrance to effective and efficient service delivery to customers. There is therefore need to reinforce and combine efforts in this area to enhance the business processes and meet customer expectations.

During the workshop participants will be taken through the programmes the Authority has put in place to promote ethical practices and ensure a friendly business environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With those remarks, it is now my pleasure to declare this workshop officially open. 

Thank you and May God bless you all.