Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone project set to begin

Mombasa – April 5,2022

Leaders in Mombasa County have today voiced unanimous support for the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Dongo Kundu residents ahead of the construction of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project.

Speaking at ACK Likoni on Tuesday, during a consultative meeting for higher level and local leaders, Mombasa County Commissioner Mr. John Otieno, Likoni MP Mishi Mboko, and members of the Mombasa County Assembly expressed satisfaction towards the compensation policy/ framework.

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Mombasa County Commissioner Mr. John Otieno addressing the meeting.

“Resettlement is usually not an easy process but from what I have seen, this is a real win-win situation. The way this RAP has been done shows that you are ready to proceed with the project and as the government we will support you to ensure the success of the project,” said the County Commissioner.

Describing the Dongo Kundu SEZ as one of the government’s flagship projects and critical in terms of creating employment opportunities, Mr. Otieno urged the Kenya Ports Authority and other implementing agencies to move with speed for the project to be launched by August this year.

“Leaders need to work together and speak with one voice for the project to be implemented in time. Due process, involvement of all stakeholders and meeting timelines is critical in project implementation because when timelines are not met then the project cost also goes high,” he added.

The County Commissioner called for proper and thorough validation of lists for compensation purposes to ensure those who deserve to be compensated are not left out.

He appealed to all leaders to embrace the project terming it a gamechanger for the region.

On her part, Likoni MP Hon. Mishi Mboko said she was delighted because the RAP had demonstrated a lasting solution for compensation of all the affected persons.

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Likoni MP Hon. Mishi Mboko speaking.

“Resettlement is the main issue for the SEZ program to begin and I am therefore very happy that we have a solution on this matter. I really thank the government for being humane,” said the legislator.

She expressed optimism on the mega project saying it would create thousands of job opportunities for youths.

“I want to also appreciate that this process has been consultative from the very beginning, and I can confidently say that all stakeholders have been involved in public participation as per the requirements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010,” said the MP.

Members of the Mombasa County Assembly who expressed their support  during the meeting are; Mwaka Bakari (Timbwani), Athman Rama Mwamwiri (Likoni), Hamisi Musa (Mtongwe) and Mwaka Zahora (Nominated).   

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of 2014 identified displacement of people from land and residences to be a potentially severe impact in developing the Mombasa Special Economic Zone.

During today’s meeting the leaders were informed that 1,648 claimants will be resettled after 357 acres have been earmarked for internal resettlement. Those to be compensated are from Dongo Kundu, Mwangala, Mrongondoni, Kaya Mtongwe, Mbuta and Siji villages.

The RAP also has a compensation component for potential displacement impact on structures including residential, commercial, non-residential, agricultural, religious, institutional, educational, storage, cultural and security buildings as well as water related structures among others totaling 2,585 structures.  

KPA developed the compensation framework with support of JICA, following the recommendation of the National Land Commission (NLC) that the government identifies a solution to the land issues.

The compensation policy was submitted to and approved by the cabinet.

Addressing the meeting, KPA’s Head of Projects Eng. Kennedy Nyaga assured the stakeholders of the Authority’s commitment in ensuring the successful implementation of the project within the shortest time possible.

In the country’s economic blueprint Kenya Vision 2030, the creation of Special Economic Zones in Mombasa, Lamu and Kisumu were identified as part of economic drivers to the economic pillar.

Dongo Kundu area, was identified as ideal for the development of the Mombasa Special Economic Zone.

KPA has scheduled a series of meetings with various stakeholders  from Tuesday 5th April 2022 to Monday 25th April 2022 with the following objectives; to disclose the compensation framework developed for mitigation of displacement impact in the Mombasa Special Economic Zone (Dongo Kundu) area, to provide a highlight of projects proposed for the Mombasa Special Economic Zone and to seek the guidance/support of leaders towards the implementation of the compensation framework for Mombasa Special Economic Zone.